When.fm Your Privacy

This page explains what data we keep, how & why.

Accounts & connections

You need an account to get the most from the When.fm app, because it's how we keep track of what you want to see. This means that if temporary storage gets lost you don't lose all your plans, and it makes our social features possible.

All new accounts have a When.fm password. If you previously signed in with Facebook, you can request a reset to your Facebook email address. Please email us if you have problems with a reset or would like all historic Facebook data removed from your account. Over time we will remove this data from all accounts automatically.

If you connect an external service such as Spotify, we'll get some basic profile information from them. We save some of this on our server, because we need to be able to quickly look up information for the app's social features to work efficiently.

Friends & your plans

Automatic friend synchronisation with external services will always be opt-in, not automatic, to ensure your privacy. Since August 2022 there are no such services active.

To add friends inside When.fm, you can use the Friend buttons () on the landing page or in Settings to add friends using a QR code or link. If your Facebook was previously connected, historic automatic friend connections will remain in place, but you can see them all and delete any you would like to from the same Friends screen. Please email us if you need any help with this.

All your When.fm friends will be able to see you're using the app and which performances you've said you plan to see – and you'll be able to see their plans too.


Your location is sent to our servers only if you choose to share it with friends with plans at the same event. This happens once, each time you share – you are never tracked in the background.

To protect your privacy, specific location points are permanently and automatically deleted one week after an event (e.g. a festival) finishes. We delete this aspect of your data from audit trails and backups within a month too.

Less sensitive metadata about location sharing is treated in the same way as your other personal data. It can be deleted along with your other account data in the same way, at your request.

Who has your data

When.fm is owned by Webful Ltd. We're based in the UK and comply with the Data Protection Act.

Our servers live in the UK too. They belong to a US company called Akamai, on services formerly known as Linode.

Our code and servers are regularly maintained with the latest security updates, and your data is always sent over encrypted, secure connections – so nobody else can read it.

Only we have access to your data. If, in the future, we partner with festivals or let them send messages through the app, this will be on an anonymous basis and we won't ever pass your personal data on to third parties unless required by law.

If you'd like us to permanently delete your data, you can request this in the app. It's not reversible.

Analytics & cookies

We use 'cookies' - pieces of text stored on your computer - in conjunction with Google Analytics in order to collect information about visits to the site and make statistics. We may also use cookies to improve your experience in other ways. By using the site you consent to our use of cookies.

The When.fm app also uses cookies and Google's Firebase Analytics to help make it better. This doesn't involve sending any personal data to Google – just anonymous information about your phone and use of the app.


We care about being responsible with your data. If you have any questions or concerns about how we use it, please use Send a Message in the When.fm Settings menu or email hi@when.fm.